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Financing with NO Points, NO Origination Fees and NO Junk Fees

The local attorneys at Utah Lawyer Loans can help you accomplish two significant tasks during your next financing experience:

First - The national and local lenders we negotiate with provide our clients with low interest ratesNO points, NO origination fees and NO junk fees.

Second - Our clients receive personalized, one-on-one legal advice from a local attorney committed to your needs.

Bottom Line - Receive a great loan while having your own attorney on your side. Still skeptical? Click here for an actual Loan Comparison to see what we mean.





Jeremy M. Shorts, a practicing Utah attorney and founder of Utah Lawyer Loans L.L.C., knows that legal questions and concerns arise in nearly every real estate or mortgage transaction.  Going through this process can be daunting even for those who have been there before.  From questions or disputes about your Real Estate Purchase Contract to legal advice on what you are signing at closing, allow the attorneys at Utah Lawyer Loans to provide you with a great loan and excellent legal assistance as you travel through the financing process.

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